Composite Tooling

ARES provides design, engineering and manufacturing of tooling for composites and carbon fiber parts. We build tools for some of the most famous users of composite parts in the worlds of robotics and super cars, with our list of satisfied customers growing daily. Depending on the project, part geometry and quantities required we can design and produce tooling options from a range of materials including wood, RTM, steel and aluminium.

What Is Vacuum Casting?

Ares’ Composite Tooling We provide world class composite manufacturing solutions for automotive, aerospace, sports and defence industries among others, our tool design and consulting services allow you to explore a range of options.

Advantages Of Vacuum Casting

Advantages Of Composite Tooling  Rapid composite tooling is a great option for producing parts and products with lower weights and higher strengths.


Vacuum Casted Prototype

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Get Your Composite Tooling Project Started Today   If the quantity of your parts are large, please contact us immediately for the best price of composite tooling and products.

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