Export Tooling

ARES manufacture tools built to international standards using globally recognized or Chinese branded components, packed and shipped to you to run in your facility. We have exported tools to every corner of the world for use in a massive range of industries from automotive to outdoor sports equipment manufacturers, robotics, comsumer electronics and more.

What Is Export Tooling?

we manufacture, check and trial the tools here in our China facility, once the customer has signed off on the test parts we package the mold and take care of all shipping requirements. we 100% guarantee the tools to run in your facility and have trouble shooting partners around the world to back up that guarantee.

Composite Tooling

ARES provides design, engineering and manufacturing of tooling for composites and carbon fiber parts. We build tools for some of the most famous users of composite parts in the worlds of robotics and super cars, with our list of satisfied customers growing daily. Depending on the project, part geometry and quantities required we can design and produce tooling options from a range of materials including wood, RTM, steel and aluminium.

We provide world class composite manufacturing solutions for automotive, aerospace, sports and defence industries among others, our tool design and consulting services allow you to explore a range of options.


Vacuum Casted Prototype

Injection Molding-ARES Production

ARES's injection molding solutions are first class, with strict international quality control measures observed throughout the entire manufacturing process. From incoming material and storage to managing correct circle times, to ensuring regular quality control checks throughout the production run, our QA/QC program takes care of everything. Our emphasis is on delivering quality parts first time out thus reducing your risk and overall project costs.

With injection molding presses ranging from 7 to 1600 tons we can handle most jobs that come our way. We also have the capacity to handle large parts and production runs as needed. Our costing is highly competitive but quality is foremost. Trust in our experience, expertise and in house capabilities to make your next injection molding job a complete success.

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