Common Problems and Solutions for CNC Machine Chip Conveyors

1. The motor does not run after the chip conveyor is installed for the first time.
Solution: Check if the motor power input voltage is normal and there is no virtual connection.
2. The motor is idling and the conveyor chain version is not running.
Solution: In order to extend the service life of the motor, we use a protector for the reducer, open the chain box and gently tighten the protector screw until the conveyor chain runs. (Note: Do not tighten the protector screw too much, otherwise the protector will Losing the role of protecting the motor)
3, the long-term use of the chip conveyor appears elongated and loose.
Solution: Adjust the drive shaft adjustment bolts to normal as required.
4. Jamming or debris stuck in the chain during the chip removal process will not work.
Solution: This kind of problem needs to stop the work of the chip conveyor immediately, remove the debris stuck in the chain plate, and consult the manufacturer in time.
5. The chip chain plate is broken.
This situation is mainly due to the overload of the chain plate, and the geared motor is still damaged by normal operation. The main countermeasure is to relax the mechanical overload protector, so that it can work normally, and the overload protector slips when it encounters an overload condition, so as not to break the chain plate; another method is to install an electronic overload protector and set a normal The current in the range. When the current is greater than this value, the breaker is disconnected, so that the chain plate is not broken.
6, iron filings often stuck, can not be discharged normally.
This situation is mainly due to the spiral iron filings being too long, sometimes an iron filing can reach 3-5 meters, the filaments are connected continuously, and the more accumulated, the more stuck. The main countermeasures are that the angled place where the chain plate passes must be made into an arc shape, which cannot be born in a hard angle, which is beneficial to the discharge of iron filings; in addition, a chipboard is installed in the lower part of the chip discharging port to prevent iron filings. Entangled under the chain plate creates a stuck.
7. The geared motor often burns out and the service life is too short.
Generally speaking, the normal service life of deceleration is 3-5 years, which is relatively solid. However, there are some cases that are often damaged. The main countermeasures include the installation of an electronic overload protector. The damage of the motor is mainly due to the excessive current, the motor overheating caused by the long-term overload operation of the motor, and the power of the motor must be matched with the chip conveyor. If the power is too small, it is one of the reasons for damage.
8. The common cause of spindle heating is the bearing damage and the bearing lubrication effect is not good, resulting in the pre-tightening force of the bearing is too tight.
The solution to the heat generated by the main shaft of the chip conveyor is to first find the hot object, and then determine which end of the bearing is hot, and then rotate the main shaft of the device to determine whether the spindle is elastic during rotation and whether there is any sinking. If the bearing of the chip conveyor causes the spindle to heat up, it is necessary to change or clean the spindle bearing, and it is possible to add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the bearing. When cleaning the bearings, it is usually cleaned with kerosene or fuel, then evenly coated with high-temperature lubricating oil, and then reassembled.



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